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sculptor, woman, aluminum, stainless steel, bronze
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Natalie Krol - creator of magical art. Natalie Krol, a sculptor of monumental and miniature sculpture, wall sculpture and jewelry. Natalie’s art and sculpture is always eyecatching, inspiring you to feel as if you’ve touched a deeper part of your soul.

As an artist, Natalie starts with an inspiration, and through her art expresses her spontaneity and joy. Stainless steel, bronze, copper, aluminum - these materials all reveal a new perspective of beauty under Natalie’s loving hands. She has also begun a singing career, and has recently come out with her own CD.

See her celebrations of art as you explore her gallery... Enjoy Filmstrip USA, soar gracefully with Olympic Rhythms and find the perfect jewelry to express your mood.

We welcome you to Natalie Krol’s world of sculpture and art.

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