The largest stainless sculpture created by a woman in 1981. 

Culver City, home of the most movie films ever created in California, invited me to create a sculpture in front of their Veteran's Memorial  Auditorium. 

One of the councilmen wanted a California bear, but I said to him, "That's been done. Let me do something that hasn't been done before."

I pondered the design that would be most representative of Culver City's contribution to the world, and I decided a strip of film would be the most descriptive.

I took a reel of film and tossed it, pulled it, played with it, until I understood the film's need to move and curl. I photographed the exterior of the Auditorium and I decided they should have a big film called Filmstrip USA, and then, in front of it, I would do a whole presentation of a premiere night, with a limo, and people lining the walk way towards the Filmstrip, holding representative faces of famous actors in the form of masks. 

lookingatfilmstrip 450x300

The premiere night concept was shot down by the committee, but the filmstrip was enthusiastically accepted.