Granite and Concrete are the materials I used to create this wall of butterflies. 

Brea, California hosts the Brea Medical Clinic which commissioned me to create this work of art. 

Not too long ago, I received an email from a parent that read, "My 3rd grade daughter is participating in a project for her class which includes researching one of Brea's Art in Public Places sculptures.  She has chosen your sculpture Butterflies to research as her favorite piece.  If you could please provide us with some information about your piece of art we would really appreciate the help in completing her project."

They also asked what date the artwork was displayed or completed.

I replied soon after. 

"Thank your daughter for wanting more information about my sculpture. I am delighted.
"The sculpture was completed in April of 1985.
"I Went to a stone monument yard to investigate the sizes and prices of granite slabs that could be used to create a monument wall.  
When I decided what size would be appropriate I made thumb nail sketches of butterflies that could be translated into sand blasting on granite.  
butterflies 1
"Using a heavy duty wrapping paper to create my full size 'cartoon,' I created a full size finished sketch to be translated into sand blasting on the black granite slab that I had chosen for the job.
"The granite was six feet long two and one half feet wide and three inches deep.  After completing the cartoons ( including the work on the concrete) it took a month to build the concrete under part using a number seven pea gravel with three eight inch re-bar tied together every four inches.  The concrete was cast, and the edges chamfered (rubbed smooth) re-bar extending through the top to support the granite from the inside.  The granite yard then transferred my design to the granite slab, sand blasted the work on the granite and rubbed white paint into the recesses of the sand blasted part.  It took me one day to transfer my second cartoon to the concrete and sand blast the design into the concrete, white paint was rubbed into the recesses of the design to make the design more visible.  I was given a fairly low budget to work with and this inexpensive design speaks of the hope and joy to me that I could place in front of a medical facility."
butterflies In construction