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 Appassionata      11' x 5' 9" x 4' 7"



              When my husband Jack retired at the age of fifty-five I bought him a Bechstein Grand Piano as a gift for his expected leisure time. His music skills were adequate at the time, but with the arrival of his piano he took up piano lessons with a great passion. Jack practiced for three to four hours a day. He became a devotee of Beethoven, Bach and Mozart. He played beautifully and I decided to create a monument to honor his passion. The sounds of music elevated the house from its very foundations. It was the best gift I ever gave him (besides our two sons, of course.)

                 The player is created in hammered copper termed "copper repouss√©". The piano was cold rolled between two iron rollers wrapped with butcher paper. The paper prevented the iron from embedding particles into the stainless steel, which would create rusting of the stainless.


                                                                                                               Appassionatta Composite Web



From a playground in a state of disrepair, to a living sculpture for children to play on.

The largest stainless sculpture created by a woman in 1981.