A selection of stainless pieces I've created. 


I was looking out of a window of a hotel in San Francisco, and I saw the reflections of my building in the windows of another hotel across the street. This image prompted me to create a tryptich - aka a room divider - based on the reflections I saw. 

It is over 6 feet tall and heavy! (78"x61"x1.5")


This was a piece I proposed for Angeles Welding Services Shop. The idea was to make it 20 feet tall, in welded sheet stainless steel. The job never materialized, but I really was proud of my proposed Acrobats. One of these days, I would love to see them standing tall.

Origami Style Horse

I have always loved the art of Origami, and when I was invited by the Mitsui Manufacturers Building to create an artwork for their lobby, I thought that I would use the concept of Origami to create a horse in stainless steel. I loved doing this sculpture.