It was going to be my "Swan Song." But, I found that creating is always within me. 

As I watched Alanna kneel down to hug Paisley I was overwhelmed by the beauty of this amazing image. The loving connection took my breath away and immediately I began to visualize the image becoming a piece of sculpture.

At my request a few weeks later Alanna arrived with Paisley to pose for a series of photos that I could use as my reference point to create this sculpture. Alanna inquired, "do you want us to remove all our clothing before posing?" I said, "No, you may keep your underwear on because I have drawn enough nude bodies to know how they look."

Once the photo session was finished, I contemplated the appropriate size to build the sculpture. During this creative contemplation time, I consulted with two sculptor friends. One was Diana Simpson, who loaned me a base board large enough to accommodate my work and some of her clay tools. The other was Karl Kendall, who brought additional armature pieces to support the clay child and some additional clay smoothing tools. During the four years my work was in process, both Karl and Diana came to my rescue several times. My construction medium is an oil based clay. It never dries out which assured me that I could take my sweet time working on this creation.

While I was sculpting on this project, my husband Jack, came into my studio to read all types of literature aloud, and we would have lively discussion after many of the readings. Those times were always very precious to me.