An homage to Itzhak Perlman. 

A committee composed of several members from The Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Prescott came to my studio to review my artwork. I was delighted to learn that they were interested in honoring Itzhak Perlman with an award praising him as "Tikkun Olam."

As the men were discussing the award they had in mind, they supplied me with eight single lined, typed pages, explaining "Tikkun Olam".  I learned that the term meant, "repairing the world," or "perfecting the world". Reading through the papers, I recalled my first and only close encounter with Mr. Perlman.

Many years ago, already well acquainted with Itzhak Perlman’s violin playing, I became his devoted fan when listening to him play live at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, California. In my opinion, he has more soul in his played music than any other violinist I have heard.

Experiencing this gifted musician in action, my husband and I were in a delicious state of euphoria walking back to our car at the end of his concert.  We chanced upon Mr. Perlman in the parking lot standing behind a sturdy folding table; opposite  him stood a long line of physically handicapped children, excited to meet him, shake his hand and collect his autograph. We paused to watch the scene in awe and admiration.

After performing a strenuous and brilliant concert, he was again extending himself in the act of "Tikkun Olam". With this memory in mind, I set about conceiving the award for Mr. Perlman. His charitable act,still vivid in my mind, I recalled that one symbol for life in Hebrew is the number eighteen or "Chai",  this thought best suited my strongest concept for Perlman’s life. I decided that highly polished sterling silver was the best material to use to create the essence that would reflect his dazzling life.

This award expresses my homage to Itzhak Perlman.